24 June 2014

Your next business PC might be a laptop-tablet combo

The 2 in 1 form factor, which combines the best of a tablet with the best of a laptop, is expected to take off in a big way in corporate settings as businesses upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8, says Intel

Source: Intel.

The company expects 2 in 1 designs under US$699 to grow six times from 2H'13 to 2H'14, and growth in volume shipped to surpass 150% from Q2'13 to Q2'14.

Leighton Philips, Director, Product Marketing and Pricing, Asia Pacific and Japan, Intel noted at a Computex Taipei update in Singapore recently that businesses had taken to tablets at a time when the vision of the 2 in 1 had not been realised, and are likely to go for 2 in 1s instead. 

"You truly can have the best PC, and when you go to the boardroom you can take your tablet," he said.