25 June 2014

Yes, you can charge your phone or tablet wirelessly - soon

Wi-Fi will no longer be the only way we think of what's wireless in future.

Source: Intel.

Wireless charging - wireless charger mats can be fixed to furniture so that placing a compatible device on top of a table surface, for example, will charge the device. Ideally, wireless charging technology will allow devices to charge at the same speed as wired charging while charging multiple devices simultaneously, said Leighton Philips, Director, Product Marketing and Pricing, Asia Pacific and Japan, Intel at a Computex Taipei update in Singapore recently.

Intel is supporting the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) standard, which leverages Rezence technology to turn almost any surface into a wireless charging surface capable of powering any Rezence-enabled mobile device. This includes retail environments, airports, automobiles, and home and office furniture, notes the A4WP website. 

The implications for supporting wireless charging are enormous, Phillips pointed out. Just as users seek out businesses which offer Wi-Fi services, they could make it a priority to go to a place that offers wireless charging services in future.  From Q3 this year, Intel is starting the discussion about offering the service with airports, cafes and other businesses in the Asia Pacific region, he said.