30 May 2014

Singapore gains recognition in TripAdvisor top three for five categories in Cities Survey

Travel site TripAdvisor has revealed the results of its second annual Cities Survey, compiled from more than 54,000 responses from those who have recently written TripAdvisor reviews for featured cities around the world.

Singapore ranked highly in terms of overall experience, and was number one for comfort traveling alone, and second for taxi service, cleanliness of streets, and ease of getting around. 

Singapore's Performance
First Place
Second place
Third place
Friendliest taxi drivers

Best taxi services


Cleanest streets


Ease of getting around


Comfort traveling alone

*About the survey

The survey was sent to those who have written a review on either a hotel, restaurant or attraction in the featured cities during 2013. To be included in the results, a city was required to have a minimum of 300 completed responses, with the ranking based on average scores for each question. All analysis was conducted by Brainbox Research. The selection of featured cities is based on the key cities from countries that receive the largest number of international visitor arrivals (data compiled by the UNWTO 2012).