14 May 2014

Running a startup isn't a candy-coated life

When Errol Lim,
Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Jublia began his first startup, he indulged in guerilla networking. "We were hoping to hit someone who is a good business target. It seemed so inefficient to me," he recalled during the MIT Technology That Matters Series: An Evening with Young Innovators organised by Koelnmesse in partnership with The Hub Singapore and MIT Enterprise Forum.

Lim reflected that some targeted research before a networking event could be a lot more productive for him, which became the genesis of Jublia's Match app. Essentially, the app analyses the guest list of an event and then comes up with personalised suggestions to maximise the effectiveness of networking that can be done at the event.

"There is no substitute for hard work," Lim advised aspiring entrepreneurs. "More than 95% of startups fail. It isn't a candy coated (life). You face a lot of harsh rejections."

Organised by Koelnmesse, the Technology That Matters Series is a group of industry talks and networking events aimed to bring together innovators, researchers, scientists, technology leaders, entrepreneurs and investors under one roof. The platform to exchange ideas and share thought leadership is a run-up to the main EmTech Singapore conference taking place on 26-27 January 2015.