1 May 2014

Intel launches Thin Canyon NUC in Singapore

Intel has launched the first Next Unit of Computing (NUC) that is powered by an Intel Atom E3815 processor. Codenamed "Thin Canyon", the NUC is ideal for applications which require a small computing device.

The new NUC, model DE3815TYKH, is ideal for kiosks, point-of-sale applications and digital signage. It also is expected to be relevant to the space-constraints of urban Asian homes and to schools as well. 

Virtual reality demo with Oculus rig powered by a NUC.
The NUC features a fan-less design, on board eMMC memory, and the space savings of a 4”x4” motherboard. It can be combined with a solid state drive for a device without moving parts that can fit into the palm of the hand, run as a desktop, or connected to a server to become a classic thin client.

Software that has already been validated for the NUC include the Xen Desktop 7 from Citrix, targeted at enterprises and smaller businesses; Citrus Fusion, expected to be used by SMBs and schools, as well as Skolelinux, for schools, said John Deatherage, Director of product marketing, Intel.

"We believe it takes an ecosystem to really drive scale and make things happen," said Deatherage. "It is not about PCs any more." He noted that vendors like Gigabyte and Asus have already leveraged devices off Intel's NUC design, while other vendors have chosen to develop their own versions of a NUC.