6 May 2014

Finally, for the non-technical: CA Identity Suite

CA Technologies has made available CA Identity Suite, a new, one-stop identity management and governance solution for non-technical business users. Staff have to be given access to corporate information, but only as much of it as they need, and the information secured in such a way that it is not easily abused. 

CA Identity Suite provides such peace of mind through streamlining requests for information access, approvals and governance processes for the business stakeholder by translating traditional IT jargon into language and terms a business user understands.

“Today’s security environment demands that more non-technical business stakeholders participate in identity and access management (IAM) functions; they are the users that know who should have access to data, systems and applications,” said Vic Mankotia, VP, Solution Strategy, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies. “CA Identity Suite helps simplify the IAM engagement for business users, incorporating an easy-to-use interface and language they understand in a system they can access anytime, through a variety of devices.”

With role analytics, the ability to specify corporate policy and system connections without coding, and the functionality to request, grant and govern user access, the CA Identity Suite delivers enterprise scale identity management in a solution that requires minimal training and offers a consolidated, simplified user experience.

For more information, please visit CA Identity Management and Governance.