27 May 2014

Business outreach becomes easier with BlastOut mobile app

Local developer BlastOut has launched a mobile app, also called BlastOut, which has been designed to make social media “more social”. BlastOut is ideal for business events, forming a temporary, location-aware social network that serves location-related content from the immediate physical space near its users.

Users can post images with captions, and interact with other users by leaving comments or swapping contacts. They can also see lists of events that are going on near them or which are starting soon, and content that has been specifically created for them when they are within the vicinity of a relevant event. The content then disappears from the network after the user has moved away from it. 

“We live in an ironic age where it is easier to get to know someone across the planet than across the room,” said Daniel Chia, Co-founder of BlastOut. “Our technology is on the cusp of changing this by using the ‘Internet of Things’ to push the ‘Social of Things’, augmenting and enhancing how we go out and have fun meeting and getting to know people.”

BlastOut comes at a time when business owners are coming to grips with the limitations and drawbacks of social media like Facebook and Twitter. Fake accounts, bots, and hacking have continued to be a thorn in the side of marketers, and clouds how typical social media reaches a general audience. 

BlastOut’s geo-location abilities means that businesses are able to focus on reaching out to people in and around their physical space by providing them with spontaneous content and connecting people who actually engage with their brand and buy their products, not just the people who talk about it.

For example, business owners can spontaneously advertise a special deal offering cheap coffee when it is raining. Or they can indulge in the gamification trend, offering a quiz that gives a discount on the dish that customers prefer. Marketers could push promotions, brand messages and obtain feedback from their most important customers.

BlastOut has already run successful trials at various events around Singapore, including with entertainment company Cathay. Users can go to Cathay Cineleisure and The Cathay to participate in a “Selfie of the Month” competition where the winner with the most viewed selfie will have an opportunity to win prizes and see themselves on a poster at each of these malls.

“I am confident that BlastOut will be able to change the way people use technology to spontaneously interact and socialise. With Singapore as a launch market, we hope to take this platform global,” Chia said.

*All pictures from BlastOut.