14 April 2014

Malaysian university to offer free MOOCs on wide range of topics

Universiti Putra Malaysia’s (UPM's) latest public service to the Malaysian community and the world at large is a free online learning environment on various field of studies.

Source: UPM website

This new method of learning, incorporating video lectures, interactive forums, chats, quizzes, and e-assessments, is in line with the current National Higher Education Strategic Plan which emphasises life-long learning, e-learning, internationalisation and knowledge transfer, the university said. 

Students can register online for the Putra Massive Open Online Course (PutraMOOC), and complete a course in roughly seven to eight weeks. The Agriculture and Man course is already available, and Malay Arts is expected to be ready soon. 

In line with the national level MOOC initiative, UPM is also converting the “Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization” (TITAS) course that is compulsory for all public universities as a MOOC course to benefit in-campus students as well as interested public communities.