21 March 2014

Red Dot Design Award 2014 standard submission phase closing April 2

The Red Dot Award for design concepts, one of the largest and most recognised professional design competitions for design concepts and prototypes worldwide, is in the midst of accepting submissions for the 2014 round of awards. 

The red dot design museum, Singapore

The Red Dot Design Award is the only international design award that has three large world class design museums to celebrate and showcase its winners.  The museum, together with the yearbook, the yearbook apps, the online exhibition, the travelling exhibitions and media coverage make the Red Dot Award for design concepts a coveted award to win.
The standard submission period runs to 2 April 2014, during which submissions can be made with the advantage of pre-judging. Under standard submission, the submission fee for the second entry in a single online submission is free.
The pre-judging process allows design concepts to be submitted in English, Chinese, German, or Korean. Submissions shortlisted for final judging will require translation into English, and also a presentation fee; presentation fees do not have to be paid if the submission does not make it to the shortlist.
Late submissions are accepted from 3 April to 21 May 2014. Submissions will only be accepted in English, and both the submission fee and the presentation fee have to be paid.
The final judging process takes place at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore. Winners will be notified before the end of June 2014, and the award ceremony will be held at the museum in Singapore on 26 September 2014.