24 March 2014

Microsoft reminds SMEs not to be left behind when Windows XP end of support arrives

Microsoft has released a new infographic for Windows XP usage in Singapore with under 30 days left till D-day on 8 April 2014* in conjunction with a reminder to businesses that there is little time left to think about a migration plan for any computers still running the 12-year-old Windows XP operating system. 

Source: Microsoft
StatCounter figures show that Windows XP is still running on 7.36% of PCs in Singapore, a drop of 4.76 points from 12.12% in February 2013, representing more than 446,000 PCs at risk when support ends next month.

Joy Quek, Windows Business Group Lead, Microsoft Singapore, said: “It is great to see an accelerated decline of Windows XP users over the last 12 months in Singapore. We’ve been working closely with local organisations to raise awareness of the need to modernise, especially for SMEs. 

"Technology has moved on a great deal in the past decade and Windows XP wasn’t designed for today’s mobile, always-connected ways of doing business or for protecting businesses and information workers from millions of new online security threats that have emerged."

According to Microsoft, companies still on Windows XP and Office 2003 are missing out on modernizing their IT investments with better security, broad device choice to meet the needs of a mobile workforce, higher user productivity, and lower total cost of ownership through improved management capabilities that are available on its Windows 8.1 operating system. 

Singapore-based logistics company UBTS upgraded its IT infrastructure from Windows XP to Windows 8 with Office 365 in August 2013, and has boosted the productivity and efficiency of its workforce with the fast, modern operating system and advanced Office suite. 
Ivonne Lestari, IT Executive, UBTS, said: “Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 has truly transformed UBTS into a modern business. Windows 8.1 is faster, more secure and user-friendly. Our staff and even customers are visibly impressed that we have invested in a new and more powerful computing environment. 

"We were able to hit the ground running as the existing software and hardware we ran on Windows XP are fully compatible on Windows 8.1. As Windows 8.1 features built-in integration with cloud storage service OneDrive, it allows data to follow wherever our staff is working, and whatever device that they are using. This has helped our staff to be more productive and collaborative.”

Whether it is through buying new PCs from the broad range of Windows 8.1 devices on offer or upgrading existing PCs, Microsoft has made it easy for companies and consumers to migrate off Windows XP with the help of special offers, migration assistance, and other helpful tools found at http://www.microsoft.com.sg/xp-eos. Microsoft recently launched two new free tools to help businesses and consumers migrate from Windows XP as well.

*After 8 April 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, hot fixes, nor software patches for Windows XP and Office 2003. There will also not be customer technical service assistance for Windows XP and Office 2003. This means that businesses that rely on Windows XP will no longer receive the updates that help protect their vital business PCs from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. Further, the lack of technical support will result in costly productivity loss for businesses in the event of computer downtime or software compatibility issues.