31 March 2014

Determine your window of opportunity to close sales: Criteo

Criteo, a digital performance display advertising player, has some tips gleaned from working with travel industry partners that could help companies to turn contacts into paying customers:

Tip #1: Acquire new users at the right time of the year

Travel apps are downloaded more in the summer (roughly June to September), so there’s a window of opportunity, before peak season, to reach a higher percentage of active users*.

Promote your download in sync with your customers’ planning and purchasing cycle to get the best return on new acquisitions, Criteo advises.  

Tip #2: Don’t just promote downloads: change the message based on user activity

Companies should offer alternative messages to reach different types of existing users. Companies can promote their product or service to active users or re-engage lapsed users, all during seasonal window of opportunity, Criteo suggests.

Tip #3: Reactivate your most valuable users while they are most receptive

Analytics can help to re-engage customers, says Criteo. By tracking registrations, sales, and sales value, companies can calculate average revenue per daily active user, their lifetime value, and ROI, then target them with relevant ads. 

*Active users = users who have opened the app at least 3 times