14 March 2014

Bridgestone adopts mobile Windows field customer services solution

Leading tyre manufacturer Bridgestone Asia Pacific will be equipping its sales and technical engineers in the field with a secure Microsoft Windows 8-based mobile cloud solution supported by Windows Azure.
Developed by Microsoft’s IT partner NCS, the mobility solution consists of a customised Windows 8 app called Bridgestone Toolbox Touch running on a ruggedised tablet and supported by Microsoft’s cloud platform Windows Azure.
Benjamin Chang, Assistant Manager of Sales and Marketing, Commercial Products, Bridgestone Asia Pacific said: “With the Bridgestone Toolbox Touch app, we expect to increase productivity across the board with the ability to inspect more vehicles with the same amount of time used before.”
This deployment will be kick-started with a pilot in Singapore, through which the mobility solution will be rolled out to Bridgestone Singapore sales and technical engineers. Bridgestone will subsequently extend the solution internationally.
Bridgestone produces tyres for cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and other vehicles and machines. Typically, tyre costs are one of the highest operational expenses for commercial fleet businesses such as bus operators. Optimal maintenance and usage of tyres can produce significant cost-savings for commercial fleet businesses. 
As such, Bridgestone's value-added services to commercial fleet businesses include an inspection service, where its sales and technical engineers inspect tyres on-site and provide insights to optimise tyre investment. Bridgestone Toolbox Touch fully replaces the previous paper-based inspection and reporting processes with a secure, cloud-based mobile solution. 
As part of the pilot, Bridgestone consultants in Singapore can today intuitively record inspection data, and when connected to the Internet, can access previous customer reports for follow-up. Additional customer reports are now generated in matters of minutes rather than days by the Windows Azure SQL Reporting Services, and can be simply emailed to the customer.

Watch Bridgestone’s field consultants in action with their Windows 8 tablets loaded with Bridgestone Toolbox Touch. Click here to read more about the customer deployment.