17 March 2014

Boosting brand recognition with appropriate themes

Pi day was on the 14th of March, a play on 3.14, the first few digits of the mathematical value of pi. One tech company sent its media friends an edible gift on the day as a fun way of staying top-of-mind while reminding them of what they were all about.

Done well, it can be a good way to engage with business stakeholders and start conversations around the company and what it does. 

In this case, CA Technologies had created an accompanying card that is a good reminder about what the company stood for, and listed some fun mathematical facts, such as the fact that they have more than 800 patents and another 900 pending.

While Pi day does lend itself very well to pies as gifts, it is not the play on words alone that makes an effort awesome. The secret sauce is in how a brand and its agency (if any) works together to come up with the concept, creates a platform for engagement, links everything back to what the core business, brings in social media, and makes sure the logistics fit perfectly together

You'll know you have a winner when recipients show their appreciation.