8 February 2014

Use colour for a Valentine's Day campaign

Source: Challenger
Building on many Asian ladies' love of items in reds, purples and pinks could be a good idea during Valentine's Day.

Challenger lifestyle brand Valore has created a Valentine's Day offer only for Valentine's Day eve and Valentine's Day this year. The brand is slashing the prices for red, pink and purple items by 50% for the two days. 

The offer is only available at Challenger, Valore and Musica* stores across Singapore, and only to ValueClub members, who pay a nominal annual subscription fee in order to enjoy  discounts, offers such as this, and bonus points for purchases.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with pink casing connected to a pink Valore external battery

Starhub's Valentine offer this year is not just colour oriented, but rides on the need for young couples to communicate and leverages on phones in contrasting colours. The screen capture from the page says it all.

"Celebrate your love with couple phones and matching mobile numbers," runs the text on the website. Couple phones are the same model but in different colours. Starhub offers three choices, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in grey and blush pink; the HTC One in gold and silver, and the LG G2 in gold and red.

Available matching mobile numbers are also listed on the same page, with each number differing from its paired number only in the last digit.

The catch? Students have to subscribe for a minimum of two years each. And possibly anticipating that couples may prefer to communicate less as time goes on, the extra 1GB of data is only for the first 12 months, reads the small print at the bottom of the page. 

Valore is one of the several Asian brands which offers items in bright and trendy colours, while pink and red phones are common from the likes of LG and Sony.
*Musica concept stores focus on music-related products like speakers, headsets, tablets and other accessories.