28 February 2014

Singapore universities among the best in the world

Companies looking to hire can now keep in mind that Singapore university qualifications are considered some of the best in the world.

A university ranking based on research citations plus reputational surveys of over 90,000 academics and graduate employers worldwide has listed the
National University of Singapore (NUS), the University of Melbourne and the University of Tokyo as the most successful universities in the Asia Pacific region in terms of the number of top-ten rankings.

The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings for 2014, covering 30 academic disciplines and the 200 top universities in the world, lists two institutions in Singapore in a list of universities in the region with top-ten rankings:
NUS is ranked 10th in the world for Modern Languages, 9th in the world for Geography and Area Studies, 9th for Politics & International Studies, 9th for Computer Science & Information Systems, 9th for Communication & Media Studies, 7th for Civil & Structural Engineering, 7th for Statistics & Operational Research, 6th for Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 6th for Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, 6th for Materials Science, and 5th for Chemical Engineering.

NTU is ranked 10th in the world for Electrical & Electronic Engineering and 8th for Materials Science, as well as 6th for Communication & Media Studies.

NUS is also in the top 50 for Education, Economics & Econometrics, Sociology, Law, History, Physics & Astronomy, Biological Sciences and Medicine as well as Pharmacy & Pharmacology, and NTU for Politics & International Studies, Statistics & Operational Research, Computer Science & Information Systems as well as Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering. 

Both NUS and NTU are in the top 50 for Linguistics, English Language & Literature, Psychology, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, and Accounting & Finance.

Globally, Harvard is the most successful all-round institution, ranking first in 11 disciplines, while New York University is no. 1 in the world for philosophy and Stanford for statistics. University of California, Davis is best for agriculture, the University of Wisconsin-Madison for communications and media studies, the Institute of Education for education, and University of California, Berkeley for the environmental sciences

"The range of institutions that are world-leading in a given discipline is much wider than we are often led to believe by overall rankings," said QS Head of research Ben Sowter. "We are conditioned to think of a handful of big-name institutions such as the Ivies and Oxbridge as being the best regardless of the subject. It may be time to challenge that received wisdom."