3 February 2014

Say the right thing at your next lo hei

It's back to work this week, and businesses everywhere are organising 'lo hei' sessions for staff, partners and customers. This much-loved practice involves tossing and then eating 'yusheng', or raw fish salad, before the rest of the meal.

Infographic courtesy of Infographics.sg; created in conjunction with Ladyironchef.

Each ingredient in the yusheng is chosen for its colour and auspicious connotations, and lucky phrases accompany the toppings and the sauces as they are added (see above). 

Everyone then uses their chopsticks to toss the fine strips of raw vegetables together with raw fish for prosperity in the coming year, calling out more lucky phrases as they mix the sweet and sour, crunchy and crisp together. The height the salad is tossed is symbolic of fortune you get personally and in the corporate world, so go for as high as you can!