18 February 2014

New Microsoft website helps raise awareness of safe online practices

Microsoft is asking Singapore consumers stay safer online with a “Do 1 Thing” pledge to stay safer online on a new, interactive website, http://www.microsoft.com/saferonline in the wake of survey findings that Singapore fared better than the global average, but is generally not exercising safer online habits.    

Source: Microsoft
The new site allows Internet users around the world to share how they plan to avoid online risks, learn what other people are doing to help protect themselves and receive instant tips to enhance their digital lifestyle.

“We encourage you to visit our website and share the one thing you will do to help keep the Internet safer and more secure. We hope that you will participate in our 'Do 1 Thing' campaign and be part of that positive change,” said Stephanie Hung, Director, Public Sector, Microsoft Singapore.

Internet users can also make more informed decisions and help better protect their online activities by visiting the same website, which provides a range of hints, tips and guidance including the following: 
·        Help guard your devices and online accounts. 
Use a unique four-digit PIN for mobile devices and strong passwords for online accounts.
·        Perform sensitive transactions over secured networks.  
This includes paying bills, banking or shopping. Don’t share personal account information over “borrowed” or public Wi-Fi connections.
·        Take charge of your online reputation.  
Discover what information about you is on the Internet, periodically re-evaluate it, and remove unwanted or inaccurate content to cultivate an accurate, positive reputation.
·        Help protect your social circles.  
Use privacy settings to manage the information you share and with whom you share it. Be selective about what you post and accepting friends.