21 January 2014

SK Jewellery's Fortune Gold Bar for long service awards

Companies often reward their staff with a small token after a milestone number of years of service, typically 10, 20 or 25 years. Typical awards are vouchers, watches or gold coins, with the value of the award depending on the length of service. SK Jewellery's 999 Pure Gold Fortune Gold Bar could be considered for such an occasion.

According to the company, two-gram, five-gram and ten-gram gold bars are conventionally presented as small bars measuring no more than an inch at the sides. New technology has enabled SK Jewellery to enlarges the surface area of the same amount of gold into the size of a dollar note, which is more than twenty times the surface area of a traditional gold bar of the same weight.

For the first series of the Fortune Gold Bar collection, SK Jewellery has etched the traditional Chinese characters for the Chinese idioms that mean 马到成功 (ma dao cheng gong) 'to receive immediate and resounding success' to the left and 功成名就 (gong cheng ming jiu) 'to win success and recognition' to the right of the two-gram and five-gram gold bars. Both wishes are very apt for deserving staff.

2014 is also the lunar year of the horse (
马), making an award presented this year doubly meaningful. The next year of the horse will be 12 years hence.

The 999 Pure Gold Fortune Gold Bars only debuted at SK Jewellery showrooms on 26 December 2013. Each Fortune Gold Bar comes in a clear acrylic protective case and presented in specially-designed gold-rimmed red packets.