23 January 2014

Singapore to get pay-as-you-go network interconnection services from Megaport

Singapore businesses will soon have a new network service provider with the launch of network interconnection services from Megaport, a provider of network interconnection services across the region that was founded only in July 2013. 

The company has been granted a Facilities-Based Operator (FBO) Licence by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore, allowing Megaport to build and operate telecommunications infrastructure in the Singapore market.

The initial launch in Singapore will include the completion of a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) enabled network-as-a-service platform, connecting organisations and cloud computing providers between major data centres in Singapore. 

Future network development phases will see Megaport undertake the substantial rollout of a large capacity fibre optic cable network. This will provide other carriers and enterprise clients with access to cost-effective dark fibre* services.

Founded in Australia in July last year by Australian Internet visionary Bevan Slattery, the Megaport platform already connects over 100 enterprise and carrier clients throughout 18 data centres in Australia.

“Infrastructure-as-a-service has changed the way organisations use and manage information technology assets. Telecommunications services have to date resisted this change, attempting to match traditional pricing and long-term contracting models to the on-demand pay-for-what-you-use nature of cloud services," said Bevan Slattery, Chief Executive Officer of Megaport.

“Megaport addresses this mismatch with its innovative and highly competitive product suite. It now will offer rapidly deployable connectivity options to major cloud and managed service providers that can be ordered and configured online - and purchased only for the duration they are required, whether it be months, weeks or even days and at a fraction of the price.”

*Dark fibre refers to connectivity that is not provided by the main telecommunications carriers of a country.