8 January 2014

Peacocks, squirrels, and halal French fusion food at the Ivy on Sentosa

As an event venue, the Ivy restaurant on Sentosa offers something a little different for celebrations, corporate lunches and dinners. 

The pictures are mouthwatering. The menu descriptions read like poetry. "Cod fish with shaved oven baked fennel, caramelised peach and sun-dried tomato puree. Crab salad with caramalised leeks, truffle honey, fig chutney, and a hint of avocado puree. Pan fried King Scallops with parsnip puree and herbs.."

But fusion food is common enough in Singapore; what's unique about Ivy is that this restaurant serves halal French fusion food on Sentosa, with a beach view. 'Halal' and 'French cuisine' are not seen often in the same sentence given the widespread use of alcohol in French cuisine, but Ivy has managed it.

Head Chef Emran has found non-alcoholic substitutes that provide a similar aftertaste, he says. The restaurant philosophy is about keeping customers satisfied. Very satisfied. "I don't want my customers to go hungry," Emran says, and balances the best quality ingredients with optimal portions to put smiles on diners' faces. The beef is dry-aged for 150 days, for example, while each portion of jus de veau is made from scratch, taking two days to complete.

Khamil Hyder, Co-owner, Ivy, says the venue has been booked for a wide variety of corporate events.

"Most of the restaurant space is outdoors but sheltered. Peacocks and squirrels walk in and out of the place freely-nature and animal lovers, as well as kids would like that," said Khamil Hyder, co-owner, Ivy. "It suits events where there is a high level of social interaction, more than one where people are seated and listening to one person.

The entire venue falls naturally into three main areas, with the al fresco dining area updated just last October. One section is within sight of all seated, and so particularly suited to presentations*.

While Ivy does not have separate function rooms, Khamil says corporate diners can have a separate area to themselves. 

“Customers can also request to dine exclusively at an outdoor area (upper deck) and separate from the main dining area, or an indoor area if there is a group,” he said.

The restaurant is quite flexible in accommodating requests. “Ivy has just started not long ago so everything can be customised, no ready notepads and pens yet though,” explained Hyder.  

Food-wise, Ivy’s pastry chef is happy to help. “Ivy has a pastry chef who makes really delicious and pretty desserts and can creatively customise cakes for any celebration; very convenient for diners as they need not order a cake from elsewhere and bring it to the restaurant. A horse theme can probably be done,” said Hyder, referring to the next lunar year being the year of the horse.

Ivy can also work out special sets and concessions for large group bookings on a case by case basis.

To visit Ivy, get to the Beach Station on Sentosa and then hop onto a beach tram (these are free), alighting at the Siloso Beach Resort. Ivy is opposite the Wavehouse. The restaurant is also accessible by car or taxi. 

Call +65 6271 7008 for enquiries. 

*AV equipment rental to be from a third party. All photos provided by Ivy.