25 January 2014

Nandos will help you spit it out: 'Just Say Lah'!

Nandos Singapore is running the 'Just Say Lah' campaign to help shy people say what they have always wanted to say, but have never dared to. The microsite www.justsaylah.com.sg features an animated message-making machine with preset messages to the boss and the family to get visitors started.

I came to the site from Twitter, where @NandosSG had tweeted: "Eh bro! Eating with me or your phone? #JustSayLah.." I was caught by the use of Singlish, and also the included picture: an unhappy woman wearing a tee shirt with the same question on it, looking down at an oblivious man who was engrossed with his phone. 

I eventually ended up at the website, which is decked out in bright Nandos colours and has a festive feel to it. Visitors are invited to 'just say, lah ' (stop hesitating and just get it off your chest now), share their efforts on email, Twitter and Facebook, and vote on others' work. There are prizes up for grabs for all participants, and the more people participate, the better the prizes get.

This campaign, which also seems to be running in Malaysia, has the potential to go viral. The microsite has an attractive, easy-to-use interface, makes participating easy, and adds a touch of humour with the use of Singlish. It is backed by a responsive Twitter account which encourages people to visit the website, and 'just say, lah'. There is a hashtag to keep tracking easy. And best of all, visitors can share what others have chosen to say, which can be funny, sad or plain voyeuristic - all reasons why you might want to share the site with your friends.

There's even a sly dig at the festive season with one of the preset messages, which begins 'Uncle/Aunty, I'm still single because..'. The upcoming Chinese new year period will be a time when nosy relatives ask those who are single when they are getting married (and those who are married when they will be having children, and those with one child when they will have the next). This is extremely likely to strike a chord with many of the unmarried.

Businesses often tell their agencies that they want 'something viral'. The problem is that it's not easy to pin down what will actually make a campaign viral, but Nandos Singapore has put together a campaign that has a pretty good chance at it. 

*All images screen captured from www.justsaylah.com.sg.