28 January 2014

IBM launches Kenexa Talent Suite for increasing HR's effectiveness

IBM today announced a new software-as-service (SaaS) that allows Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and C-Suite executives to gain actionable insights into the data shared by their staff. 

With the cloud-based IBM Kenexa Talent Suite,
organisations can streamline and add precision to hiring practices, increase workforce productivity and connect employees in ways that impact business results. 

The software allows HR resources to sift through large volumes of employee data – such as work experience, social engagement, skills development and individual interests – to identify the qualities that make top performers successful. They can then use the findings to locate individuals on social recruiting sites whose skills match these qualities. 

“We know people are the lifeblood of an organisation, and business success on today’s stage requires not just talent but social capabilities that can energise, empower and nurture each team member so they can reach their full potential,” said Craig Hayman, General Manager, Industry Cloud Solutions, IBM. “By combining social, behavioural science and analytics in the cloud, we give businesses a clear path to empower their most valued asset – employees.” 

According to an upcoming IBM C-Suite study that surveyed 342 CHROs representing 18 industries, many businesses are not taking full advantage of the insights delivered by workforce big data and analytics. The study found that just over half of organisations are using workforce analytics, with far fewer applying predictive analytics to optimise decision making and outcomes in areas such as sourcing and recruiting (7%), employee engagement and commitment (9%), talent development (10%) and retention (13%).

The CHRO study also found that human resources executives are ijust beginning to apply social approaches within the organisation. Currently, 66% are regularly using social for their recruiting efforts, but only 31% are using it for knowledge sharing.

AMC Entertainment, which is majority-owned by China's Dalian Wanda group, uses recruitment technologies from IBM to gain a deep understanding through data analytics of what it takes to succeed at the organisation. AMC then uses that knowledge to attract candidates who are more likely to succeed once they're hired.  

“Harnessing the power of data gives us a better picture of what top talent looks like in our industry. IBM’s talent management solutions allow us to use data in new ways so we can make better informed decisions that have a greater impact on our business,” said Heather Jacox, Director, Diversity, Recruitment & Development at AMC.

The IBM Kenexa Talent Suite includes the following:
·        Talent acquisition: Includes recruitment, skill and behavioural science-based assessments and onboarding. These functions provide a deep understanding of what the best talent looks like and then how to attract, hire and engage them. 

·        Talent optimisation: Includes performance management, succession planning and compensation planning to empower and get the most out of employees. 

·        Social networking:  Increases productivity with expertise identification and knowledge discovery – connecting employees and accelerating the time to productivity.